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Wot no snowflakes?

I always associate Christmas with snowflakes, mulled wine and the smell of cinnamon. Yet in the UK I have only experienced snow a couple of times on Christmas day. Ever the optimist I wake up on Christmas morning and open the curtains hoping that there will be a flake or two. Instead I usually end up looking disappointed and saying "Wot no snowflakes?" 

This year I will have guaranteed snowflakes! 

The sample in the picture is knitted in amazing indigo hand dyed yarn from The Border Tart - not only is beautifully dyed its on a sparkle base! 

Wot no Snowflake (1).png
Copy of Circle Skkull.png

Hubble Bubble Double Trouble

The sun is shining and autumn has not hit the UK yet....but in preparation for I am releasing my autumn #hiddenheels pattern Hubble Bubble Double Trouble. Knitted in beautiful Rusty Ferret yarn from it will be perfect to keep your feet toasty during halloween, fireworks night and well into Christmas.

It is available on Ravelry

Day of the Dead Socks

Inspired by pictures from the Day of the Dead this pattern highlight is a skull on each heel. What's not to love?

These a cuff down sock with basic strand work, perfect for those who want to knit something more than a boring old sock. 

The sample in the picture is knitted in fabulous yarn from enigmatic and talented  Countess Ablaze in the Sparkly Blue Faced Baron Sock in Golosa and The Black Parade. It is available on Ravelry

Dead of the Dead Socks
Coming Soon file

Jump to the left and step to the right

Ever struggled to know which foot into which sock? Of course not. However why not have some fun and try our socks with Right and Left?

We used yarn from The Knitting Swede along with some beautiful pink from our stash. What colour will you create yours in? We would love to see them. Please use #HiddenHeels on Instagram and Twitter.

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